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What We've Got


Hearty meals, snacks and coffee to satisfy your healthy craving without the boredom.


Made from scratch steel-cut oats with fresh ingredients and no added sugar.

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Our unique blend featuring the best beans from South and Central America will leave you feeling Super Human.

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Baked Goods

Our baked goods are all Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free and insanely delicious. You won't believe how good.

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Oat and Nut milks are a great lactose-free, vegan alternative to cow's and goat's milk.

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About Pod

Whether your fueling up pre/post workout, hosting an event, in need of brain food for a business meeting, or just looking to stock your fridge with your favorites, we’ve got you covered.

Why Pod

We are a pod of 4 healthy/fitness-minded people with some kick-ass healthy recipes and amazingly delicious coffee that we can’t in good conscience keep all to ourselves.

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Our Best Sellers

Handcrafted from local, healthy ingredients

Our customers have spoken and here's a peek at our top sellers.

Our Team

Healthy Made Tasty

We are a group of highly motivated people who are passionate about food, coffee, health and fitness.
Jody Campbell
Marketing and Brand Strategist
I have a passion for business, marketing and solving problems.

My past life has given me a lot of experience to excel in all three... but my love of baking is all mine.
Martina Douglas
CFO and Founder
I have a strong desire to bring healthy options directly to our thriving community.

Everyone deserves to have choice and convenience and Pod Cafe offers both!
Allen Hamouch
Chef and Founder
My passion is pushing
the boundaries of scratch
made food.

My goal is to own the entire process from seed/birth to plate, ensuring fresh, affordable, tasty food.
Patrick Douglas
As a Fitness Trainer, I know first hand the impact that clean food can have on a person’s overall health and wellness and the choices on our menu are what I recommend to my clients.

Our Blog

Oatmeal is good for you…and ours is even better.

January 27, 2019

When we started Pod Cafe, it was a no-brainer that our flagship product would be amazingly tasty oatmeal. Allen, our chef, spent nearly 3 years fine-tuning our oatmeal to give it the perfect blend of hearty and tasty.